The learning process requires generalization

The physical laws that were the foundation for our scientific advancement in many ways, can’t be observed in real-world cases, because they are the underlying rules with the assumptions that can’t be met in real-world examples. How did Newton or Einstein come up with the laws? Abstraction and Generalization. It’s a very important skill set that is needed by all of us ( 

Generalization too much leads to Racism

We met an individual, the individual is in color. That individual did something nasty, we took away the impression of “people of that color tend to do things nasty”. Totally wrong. People of any color can do the same nasty thing, you should feel lucky that you didn’t have the chance to meet them all. 

If you still label people by color, gender, political views, or reglion beliefs, you’re sterotyping and at a risk of overgeneralization, in another word, racism. 


“There is but one race – Humanity.”


Millicent, paramour of the Irish protagonist in George Moore’s 1900 play, “The Bending of the Bough.

Over-generalization is dangerous

A small portion of police officers was cruel and racist -> defund the police; 

A small portion of a certain group committed crimes -> they are all bad;

Over-generalization can show up in a reversed way too

Someone with color got hurt/treated badly -> it must be his/her color/gender

Someone being promoted in the company -> it must be his/her color/gender

So in some way, the far left and far right wing actually share a similar type of logic and problem: over-generalization. They are not much different from each other besides the extreme view they derived with the same logic. 

Complication: perception is reality

If people feel one way or another, it’s hard to convince them not to unless they are willing to look at an alternative explanation. The key is not the intention of one side, the key is how the act will be perceived by the other side. Conflict and War usually start in such a spiral turn of misunderstandings. 



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