A depression survivor

Pursing a peaceful and meaningful life, but not happiness

Born in a very small village near an old town in northern China, I never traveled outside of the township area until I was admitted to Peking University in Beijing. That was my first time taking a train. 

8 years later, I had another first, which was a very long flight to the United States. JFK airport was my first stop.

2 years later, another long flight took me back to Beijing. 

2 years later, I landed at San Francisco Airport. 

 Another 2 years later, I flew back to Beijing, again

Then only another 2 years later, I settled in the midwest of the United States. 

It was not easy to adjust to a different culture, it took years until I finally had the first friend who was not from my own culture. But luckily I gained more and more later on. In that process, clearly, there were happy moments, but what taught me more was more of the unavoidable challenging times. These pain, stress, and hard times actually shaped who I am and guided me to figure out what I should do with my life. Here I would like to trigger some thinking in your head so that you can find the answer by yourselves. Remember, Life is Hard, but it has a purpose and meaning that worths it.