A 28-year-old young actor, who was on the track to become a superstar,  didn’t know how to deal with his addiction to gambling,  became deep in debt, and was given up by many producers and directors. Luckily he didn’t give up on himself, with his old friend’s help, he came back on his feet and became so successful and contributed many great movies to the world. His name is Ng Man-tat (aka, Wu Mengda, or Da Shu). 

He had relationships with three different ladies (married with two of them) and had four children. He has worked really hard to be responsible for all four children until recently he died in 2021 at age 70. 

When things go south, different people will respond in different ways. Da Shu did it in the right way,  learned his lesson, tried his best to get on his feet and keep pushing hard, not to be successful in other’s eyes, but figure out who he really was. I like his acting photo in a movie named “A Moment of Romance”. In that scene, he was about to die and covered by blood, but he was happy, happier than ever because he finally did something he wished to do but never dared to in the whole movie: fight against evil and help people as innocent as he was. I sincerely believe that he has felt the same in his last moment in this world. He has spread so much happiness to people around the world and comforted them with the pain through their own journey.

He will be memorized by the big good he has brought to the world. RIP, Da Shu.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Wally Santana/AP/Shutterstock (6748674dy)
Ng Man-Tat Hong Kong actor Ng Man-Tat arrives at the 51st Golden Horse Awards in Taipei, Taiwan, . Ng is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the film “Aberdeen” at this year’s Golden Horse Awards – one of the Chinese-language film industry’s biggest annual events
Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, Taipei, Taiwan



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