1. Ask yourself this question: what are you not willing to ACCEPT? 
    • the failure or the potential failures?
    • the unavoidable death years down the road?
    • the possibility of no one would remember your name after years?
    • the loss of someone you love?
    • the farewell to your happy and simple dink (double income no kids) lifestyle after having a new baby?
    • the “perfectly healthy” yourself after a failed medical surgery? Or, the “wrong” decision that you made to do the surgery in the first place?
    • the let go of pride and glory that associated with your old role in your expertise domain after you decided to develop in a totally new domain?
  2. Admit the fact that you’re struggling and share it with your friends 
    • Accept the reality as soon as possible
    • Talk about it, don’t feel ashamed, what you feel like awkward or weird is so common because many others experienced exactly the same before
    • The more open you talk about it, the less power it would gain to torture you
  3. Time cures all 
    • If winter comes, will spring be far behind?
    • No matter how long and dark the tunnel looks like, in the end, there is always a light waiting for you


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